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    Saturday, June 28th, 2014
    8:14 am
    Lomg silence, now broken
    I've not been posting here on LJ, since I am mostly doing Facebook directly.
    But new news- I'm going to be the engineer on the the schooner MYSTIC, doing the OHP programs until OLIVER HAZARD PERRY is ready, so will be sailing around New England, in and out of Newport for several months.
    I'd come here to work on the rigging crew, but when MYSTIC was hired, many of the systems were not working well, and since the Chief Mate is and old shipmate, he suggested that I come see what I could do.  I was quite successful at that, so when the setup for hiring an engineer  for the boat fell through, I was offered the job I wanted but didn't feel fully qualified for.   They knew my short-comings (I have no experience with Diesel engines), but felt, as do I, that I can pick up that part, and know everything else pretty well.  The crew likes me (I'm one of them, a tall-ship sailor), the CM and cook are old shipmates, and the captain thinks I'm a wizard.

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    Tuesday, February 26th, 2013
    8:20 pm
    Looking forward now, but not forgetting
    I'll be spending a week on EAGLE with at least one of my BOUNTY shipmates, leaving New London (fraught), and arriving in Savannah for the BOUNTY beach house party.
    I'll also take a quick trip into SC to see my farm property.
    And we'll probably toss some messages in bottles at our CPA to the last know location of her.
    Monday, February 11th, 2013
    10:06 am
    Thursday, August 9th, 2012
    9:31 pm
    Unpack and repack
    I've gotten mostly unpacked (some stuff isn't stowed yet), but am already starting the repacking process.  I've alos had one dinner at Pancho Villa and another at Zachary's, so two more things done.  And I'm awake at 21:30, so maybe I'll get some theatre in in the next week.
    I went for a short motorcycle ride and haven't forgotten how (I last rode in April).  I was comfortable on the bike at speed and in street traffic, so that's one concern laid to rest.  Maybe some twisties soon.

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    9:50 am
    too complicated!!
    Life at home is too complicated.  Some of this is that I need to do a lot of things in a short time, but I have too many paths.

    On the boat, life is simple-  watches or tours, and the projects are well-bounded (even if I do tend to take them further then necessary, if it's appropriate).

    I'm not even unpacked yet and I've only gone through a part of the mail.  Some of that mail had deadlines that are long gone (at least the DMV date was only a week ago).  And I need to start getting things together for my next trip.
    And I'm still jet-lagged.  It took 24 hours to get home, from the time I got off the boat before it's 06:00 departure to arriving home at 0-dark-hundred, just due to connections and delayed flights.

    And I'm not taking care of myself-  I need to stretch and even exercise more.  Even though working on the boat is hard work, it's not anything like balanced exercise.

    So, now I keep going, at least until tomorrow.  And I'm working on a major fix for some of this.

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    Saturday, July 14th, 2012
    3:16 pm
    late update- Newburyport MA
    It's been wonderfully crazed since I got back on the boat in Philadelphia  three weeks ago.
    I met my elder brother for the first time there for a few hours, and then sailed to Port Jefferson, NY, the owners home town.
    It was busy there, and I had some catchup work to do.
    Next was a very brief visit to Bristol, RI, for a visit to the Herreshoff Museum and on to Newport, RI, for a tallship festival with MANY lovely boats, both tallships and others.  PEACEMAKER, BOWDOIN, UNICORN, and MYSTIC WHALER were standouts there, and PICTON CASTLE was again in port with us and had a good party, with dancing on their tonnage hatch.
    The parade of sail out on Monday morning was spectacular!!!!
    After that, New Bedford for the whaling museum and Seaman's Bethel, and suddenly we were in the yard across the river in Fairhaven.
    There we reconfigured the boat to its 1969 configuration, more or less, reacquiring our own tonnage hatch and losing the butterfly hatches and forward doghouse.  We're still reeling from the changes, and I have much work to do, since the tweendeck area was significantly affected, too, which means a bunch of electrical work to be done.
    We're in Newburyport, MA now, but I'm only doing a little work on today, my day off, since I'm pretty tired, too.
    Next, we hope, is Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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    Tuesday, June 12th, 2012
    10:08 am
    If this is Tuesday...., the SHTANDART edition
    We left Szczecin on Sunday afternoon, stopped in Swinoujscie for a few minutes to pick up some giveaways (a pretty neat bicycle clip, in my case), overnight to Saznitz for half a day, now we're in Copenhagen for another 1/2 day.  We may stop in Helsingor, too.
    Aalborg on Thursday.

    I like the Danish cargo bikes (actually tricycles).

    Things are a bit different on this Russian tallship.
    Belaying is O-X-O- fairlead is ignored- no one else coils on deck (my coils look better than theirs), etc.
    OTOH, the helm is easy. 
    I wish I spoke the language.  Most of the small crew doesn't speak English.

    Time to get out of this cafe.   There's a sand castle festival down near the boat, and I need to try to find the "Mermaid".

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    Thursday, June 7th, 2012
    9:38 am
    The circus, and Charleston
    I'm hanging out at Maisie's mother's place near Marlborough, having a restful morning after a stressful day.  The circus, ,  moved from Newbury to Sunningwell, which should have been easy, but there were a couple of major breakdowns of the tow tractors and lots of little things, like blowouts and a vehicle in a ditch (with two trailers).
    The kitchen got to Sunningwell first, but much of the support infrastructure was late.
    So we got here very late for a good fish dinner, cooked by cousin Allen (sp?).
    We'll go back to Sunningwell this evening and I leave tomorrow for Szczecin and SHTANDART.  I now know where she'll be, which is satisfying.

    But, back to Charleston-
    When I was growing up we went to Charleston and Sullivan's Island a fair amount, but I didn't really know the place well.
    So I was interested when Katherine (my niece) had a clipping about my parent's marriage there, including the address where she was living at the time.  It was easy to find and close to BOUNTY's location, and I found an old, tall duplex house with a similar one next to it, a folding-stock anchor embedded in the front wall and an entrance to a courtyard labeled "Pirates Courtyard" (and "please close gate").  That gate was open so I closed it behind me and took a couple of photos there and then closed the gate again as I left.

    (Damn LJ, it's not uploading the images, and the pop-up box is blank, so I have no idea what's the problem).

    Anyway, when I was talking about this while selling tickets to the ship, I was overheard by a woman named Molly who knew the houses and dropped off an envelope with more information about them.  They were built in 1704, with stone from Bermuda, and were later believed to be the haunts of pirates, so they are known as the "Pirate Houses".  St Phillips is just across the street and one of the St. Phillips cemeteries adjoins the property.

    More later about Charleston.

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    Sunday, June 3rd, 2012
    7:23 pm
    flexible, and books
    This is definitely the trip to be flexible.  Plans have changed again.
    I'll be going to Giffords Circus, Newbury, UK instead of TRINCOMALEE, Barter Books and Altberg boots.

    And then SHTANDART is going to Aalborg, Denmark instead of Kiel, Germany.  This makes very little difference in my plans, actually.

    We visited Lowick Hall, one of Ransome's houses.  The current owner in an antiquarian book dealer, and the decor is books, where possible, as well as wallpaper and paintings of books where actual books aren't possible (also tins and cushions that look like books).  The host even had a "book" tie.  I felt right at home, if a bit envious.

    I'm now a board member of the Arthur Ransome Society, so I'll probably be back in this area in early October, at which time I can do the three visits mentioned above that 'm not doing next week.
    Wednesday, May 30th, 2012
    3:40 pm
    The Arthur Ransome Society, Pitcairn Island and PICTON CASTLE
    This is the PICTON CASTLE anecdote mentioned earlier.

    In 2003, I went to Ducie Island, the eastern-most of the Pitcairn group, as part of the VP6DIA DXpedition.
    We stopped at Pitcairn (I stayed overnight on that island on the way back) to pick up a half-dozen Pitcairner's for support and so they could visit the island which is too far for them to reach in their longboats.  One of them was David Brown,  the teenage son of VP6DB.
    While there, I flew my TARS burgee over my camp, and David liked it, so I gave it to him, stretching the rules a bit (I did get the gift approved later).

    A few weeks back I was on BOUNTY in Savannah with, among other ships, PICTON CASTLE.  I had heard that David had joined her, and since the 2nd mate was an old shipmate from BOUNTY in 2009, I decided to ask about him.
    I found that he is the engineer now and on locating him, also found that he still is carrying the TARS burgee with him.  He's got a photo of us together with our burgees.  Pitcairn to Savannah, 2003 to 2012, that's not a bad connection.

    Here's a photo of the TARS burgee that's been flying on a backstay on BOUNTY for more than a year and many thousand miles.  It's a bit raveled, but still flying bravely.  It was taken in Greenport- unfortunately, PICTON CASTLE was berthed on the other side of us there.
    Tuesday, May 29th, 2012
    12:52 am
    When last heard from, I was on my way from San Juan to St Augustine on BOUNTY.

    Since then a LOT has happened and I'll be catching up  in the month I have off the boat, traveling in Europe.
    I'm in the Lufthansa lounge at JFK looking forward to a flight to Manchester (via Frankfurt and Dusseldorf).

    We had a new crew, most with no experience on BOUNTY, and were a bit short-handed.  The crew has shaken down well, with some shakeout as soon as we arrived in St Augustine.  That did mean I was made AB of A watch, which meant even more work.

    I got to spend more time with my niece and nephew who came to St Augustine to visit the boat- I think I got my "cool uncle"  credentials validated there.

    Savannah was good, with a lot of tall ships there, including EAGLE and PICTON CASTLE.  More on the latter connection later.
    I had a couple of visitors there, which was fun.

    And Charleston was amazing, personally, about which I'll write later.

    We did very well in Wilmington, and enjoyed the place, but had to leave in a rush to make it up to Greenport on time for another stop in the tallships festival circuit.  We all like the town and the company (UNICORN, the all-woman-crewed ship was ahead of us on the dock and PICTON CASTLE was across from us.)

    But I'm off to the Arthur Ransome Society AGM, some custom motorcycle boots from Altberg, and visits to TRINCOMALEE and Barter Books, if all goes well.  And that's just the UK in the first part of the trip.

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    Sunday, April 15th, 2012
    5:55 pm
    Deep blue sea
    Forgive the typos, the boats moving and the typing position is awkward.
    So, many muscles hurt, it leaks into my cabin, the boat is as creaky as ever, and most of my watchmates are seasick (and other crew, too).

    But the sea is a marvelous blue, as is the sky, the helm has been refurbished and is still amazing me with the ease of steering, we*re sailing under fore and main topsails and forecourse at 5 knots, and I'm here!
    We had a booby on the mates finger today and yesterday we ha a whale and a bunch of porpoises catching air a few dozen yards from the ship (yes, the whale, too).
    Saturday, April 14th, 2012
    10:39 am
    BOUNTY is about to leave San Juqan for the season
    We're about to leave San Juan for St Augustine!!
    It's been a busy week of catchup work and organizing, but we're ready to go.

    We'll be in St Augustine about the 16th.

    It looks like I missed all the fun at home.  Lightning storms were a joy when I was young in South Carolina.

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    Friday, March 30th, 2012
    8:39 am
    XKCD and "Maple and Vine" at ACT are in the same space.
    ed: thanks Geri

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    Wednesday, March 21st, 2012
    10:20 pm
    A coconut, repost
    I was listening to the R4 Extra version of "Coconut Chaos" by Diana Souhami at 05:30 in a van on the road from San Diego to San Pedro with 7 other sailors, and was vastly amused by the fact that it was that same coconut was the reason I was in that situation.

    Her premise is that the BOUNTY mutiny was triggered by a coconut that Fletcher Christian drank and therefore was reprimanded by Bligh.
    That episode lead to the building of the ship I sail on to make the movie in 1960 and that lead me to qualify for and Able Seaman (Sail) rating, which lead me to be taking the Lifeboatman course. That course required a trip to LANE VICTORY in San Pedro for the practical assessments, although the classroom parts are in San Diego.

    I was reminded that I want to post here, for people who aren't on FB.  Apologies for the type face, I can't get it to do better.
    Saturday, March 10th, 2012
    10:30 am
    Morse Code Sound Sculpture BBC R4

    I'll have to listen to this show later:
    According to the BBC website, there's a section on a Morse Code Sound Sculpture.

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    Friday, March 9th, 2012
    11:48 am
    Mike Daisey on BBC R4, and elsewhere.
    BBC R4 is interviewing Mike Daisey, about the "Agony and Ecstacy of Steve Jobs".
    His performance piece can be read here:

    The This American Life version is here:

    I saw this at Berkeley Rep last year, and have seen him perform a number of times before that one.  I'm a big fan
    Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
    10:25 am
    Monday, March 5th, 2012
    8:01 pm
    11:50 am
    ISS, again, from APOD
    Flying Over the Earth at Night -photography from the International Space Station on Astronomy Picture Of the Day.

    BTW, I'm trying to post to LJ more, and trust it gets crossposted to FB.

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