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Today, in the Boston Globe...

Originally posted by gerisullivan at Today, in the Boston Globe...
In the Food section, Peggy Hernandez writes about The Ig Nobel Cookbook.

Now available from the Harvard Book Store and Amazon. Also available from Amazon in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. A radio interview with Marc Abrahams and Corky White is scheduled to run on Public Radio International's The World today. The interview with PRI's Clark Boyd is at the same cafe where Corky first came up with the idea to do an Ig Nobel cookbook.

Yes, it's Ig week. The cookbook celebrates this year's theme: Food. I had a blast doing the layout and learning just what a remarkable future we live in vis a vis POD publishing.

n6tqs is my assistant helping run the slides for the show. That's something of a last-minute thing that's working out very well. Likewise, James Donald stepped into the job of slide show producer just a couple of weeks ago and has quickly put together by far the best set of slides we've ever had. Win.

As usual, there's a Live Webcast starting at 5:40 pm US Eastern Time) on Thursday, September 18th for all who, for whatever reason, can't join us in Sanders Theatre. The ceremony starts at 6 and typically runs about 1.5 hours. Miss Sweetie Poo helps us keep on schedule.

There's also the NSA Courtesy Feed (a second, parallel video feed run as a courtesy to the world's security agencies) James Harkin (QI's head elf) and Polina Harkin will be live-tweeting from the stage at @ImprobResearch. Audience members will be live tweeting with hashtag #IgNobel.

So. Much. Fun.

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