Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

I'm building a ship

With the help of a lot of other people.
I started in the rigging crew for OLIVER HAZARD PERRY, was recruited to be engineer on the schooner MYSTIC which we'd chartered to do summer programs since the OHP herself isn't complete.  Now, the summer programs are over, MYSTIC has been returned to the owner, and I'm on the construction crerw (as opposed to the rigging crew) as an engineer.  I'm living in Oliver Hazard Perry's house in Newport, which is also the headquarters of the OHPRI organization (
Today I'm in Boston to work on the Ig Nobel award ceremony as posted a bit earlier.
Next weekend is a trip to NYC for a theatre performance which should be interesting, since it involves a ship and some circus elements.

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