Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Tired from the weekend off, now to relax and work

Two days of Ig Nobel ceremony work in Boston, then a party in NYC, both of which ran late into the evening, have got me craving my currently normal early to bed, early to rise pattern.  95% humidity here in Newport also has me beat.
The party was at the house of the fellow who owns and runs this web site, , and he has an incredible amount of cable system memorablia, so it was a little like staying in a museum of stuff in which I am very interested.  Very cool.  I also got to see a few old friends, and make some arrangments for future activities.
Geri was a star and rose early (for her) and took me to the New Rochelle Amtrak station so I could take the train to Providece and from there a bus to Newport and arrive mid-afternoon.  A run for provisions and then sorting some more stuff in my digs took some time- we'd removed all the OHP and personal gear from MYSTIC in a progression, and stored it, so sorting it all out is taking some effort.
I'm heading for NYC again next weekend, for this:
And I may go to the UK a couple of weeks later for the Arthur Ransome Society trustees meeting.  Newark to Glasgow seems the best flight to end up in the Lake District.
I'm looking forward to this week's work, which should include the stepping of the main and mizzen masts.  I don't think I have an active role in that activity, but I can't ignore it, and may be able to help the rigging crew.

It's almost sundown, and I still don't have any lamps in my room, so I'll do the outdoor workers thing and go to bed and then rise with the sun.

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