Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

It's a struggle sometimes, but I think I'm winning.

So, today, we have a plan for heating the boat for the winter, and I find that it's come about because I brought up the issue.
We will have some lightning protection, because I brought up the issue, and then implemented the solution (and where lightning is concerned, that's fuzzy).
Sometimes I wonder if I'm accomplishing anything, and then....

On other fronts, I had a good time with a friend at "La Traviata" in Boston Sunday afternoon.  The soprano, Anya Matanovic, was superb, and Weston Hurt also was outstanding.  The hall leaves something to be desired, although we were in "nosebleed" seats.
Boston looks to be pretty accessable- MBTA runs commuter trains to Providence, although I'm constrained by the RIPTA bus from there to here.  And I've found what looks as if it'll be interesting lodgings in the city, so I can reasonaby do overnights for later shows.

I'm considering going to Bristol, UK, for a perfomance of "Swallows And Amazons, the musical", which would almost certainly mean a visit to my odd-son (and his parents) in Stroud.
And I'm making a flying visit home in a couple of weeks, 4 days there.  There are a number of things that need personal attention, none of them critcal, and I can pick up more and warmer clothes.  I'm told that sometimes the high here is in the teen's (brrrr).

And I'm reading a lot of Swallows and Amazons fan fiction, mostly romantic, mostly about the characters after the books.  "constantlearner" is very productive, tells a reasonable story, but could use a good copy editor.  it's working for me.

But I must do some more work.

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