Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Cold, rain and snow

Weather Underground is claiming its snowing here, but I don't see it. OTOH, it is cold, blowing hard, and is raining some. The storm windows were installed on Friday, and apparently that attracted a storm, with high wind warnings. If I open the sashes inside the storm windows, I get plenty of ventilation if there's some wind, and I picked up some hardware so I can get more if necessary.

I walked out in it to get some groceries, and since it's on the way, had breakfast at the Franklin Spa. It turns out, it started as a pharmacy with a lunch counter, using the name "Spa" to indicate a place of healing. The pharmacy is gone, but the lunch counter that's the legacy is a great place for breakfast. Contrary to my earlier experience when alone, the service was great, and the crabcake Benedict was delicious.

I'll be taking some more courses this winter, I think- 3 days of Bridge Resource Management in Woods Hole, and a couple of less formal ones in Port Townsend in February.

My bio is up on the OHP website, - I think it's worth a look. "Systems consultant" is a bit too "suits" to my taste, I'd prefer "donkeyman".

And I'm finally going to get to actually do some work- the electricians are just not up for working aloft safely, and they've allowed that I'm qualified to do electrical work, and the riggers know I'm good aloft, so now to wait for a bit of decent weather. The systems work is necessary, and right up my street, but not quite as satisfying as real hands-on work.

I'm drinking lots of tea- it's much more comforting than coffee, and I need a bit of comfort right now.
The second anniversary of the sinking was a few days ago, which provided another waypoint towards the future. We'll have a crew reunion in a couple of weeks, after I return from a very short trip home, and it'll be good to see them.

I'm going to get out of Newport for Thanksgiving, one way or the other.

Pet peeves- mail from "Do Not Reply" with no other indication of who it's from without reading the headers or content of the message.
Shipping notices with NO indication of what was shipped, or from a person's name with no company attached.

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