Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Overwhelming is the word.

It's being a rough time.
The latest issue is the apparent suicide of one of my shipmates, with others needing much support, also. Many of them are getting together next weekend, but I already have commitments.

I'm still concerned about Shackleton the cat- the biopsy was positive on the whole, but at 17 1/2 he is deteriorating.
The liver tumor is benign, but might cause problems. He's got cancer, but it's slow and treatable.
So, he just requires much care, and that's a worry, too.

The boat is going slowly, but I get to shed some responsibility very soon. We've hired a licensed engineer, who appears to be a very good fit. I meet him in person tonight or tomorrow, and we finally will get the gensets sorted tomorrow, also.
There are still lots of little things to make fit, though, and some major hurdles in front of us, with various deadlines looming (at least one, unnecessarily).

I've ended up with ANOTHER trip back to the Bay area for eye treatment- I have the beginnings of cataracts, but need to manage the timing of treatment. If I didn't want to do so much, it'd be easy. I thought I'd sorted the preliminaries, but not. I can take advantage of the trip for a couple of other things, but it's still a day to get there, two days at home and a day to get back.

Because of all the real world drama in my life, I have to take a step back from everything emotionally, to handle it all. It's not where I want to be, but it's where I must be. As I type, another charged event is taking place. Wisdom has prevailed, but it still hurts.
I prefer my drama on the radio or stage.

The weather has almost broken, although again, there was ice outside this morning and it's persisted in the shadows.

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