Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Another boat

It looks as if I've got a place on another boat, one I have been interested in.
OHP seems to be stagnant, and there's been a big shakeup, so I was looking around.
But as often happens, another door has opened- SPIRIT OF SOUTH CAROLINA seems to be
the next place. I'll be a mate and engineer. The boat is in Charleston, a city where I have
a lot of emotional connection- among other things, my parents met and got married there.
She was a radio reporter, he was a merchant sailor. There's a lot of story behind those facts.
We also went there regularly for holidays when I was growing up, and I have farm property
about 80 miles away and I'll have my motorcycle.

I don't know what we'll be doing with the boat yet. I have a little hope that we'll take her
to the Great Lakes for the tall ship festivals, but that's unfortunately unlikely.

I tested for my engineering license, domestic limited DDE and passed with creditable scores.
After that, I'll be working on my 500T mate's ticket. And I need seatime
to get the international equivalents.

I have some plans to go to England about late June/early July, and Worldcon in Kansas City
on 17-21 August. Both of those are subject to the needs of the boat, but are probable.

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