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Found while tree climbing and trimming today

My Oak tree hole My Oak tree hole

I found this up the oak tree when I climbed to do some trimming. With the inspiration of a couple of my photographer friends, I decided to post it. I did a couple of hours of trimming, which will help get a little more afternoon light on the deck, but I need to do a lot more. Doing this stuff solo is slow, since I'm very careful about being tied in. It also takes a lot of peering about to figure what I should cut. But it's satisfying.

I went to see a bit of the Women on the Way Festival on Sunday evening, after a potluck in Oakland, to which my connection was PENSFA. There were a couple of modern dances, a few ethnic dances, two taiko pieces (the performers really enjoyed themselves, and that was infectious), and a "Chinese Clown Cabaret", with Jane Chen and her mother Tair Chen. She's got a very funny set of pieces, but it goes on a little long. She's also got a very good operatic voice, and when she sang an aria as part of her clown act, it really made me want to see an full opera. It turns out, Berkeley Opera is doing Falstaff in a couple of weeks, so I'll get my wish reasonably soon.

After climbing and cutting, I decided to try a movie, so I went to the local cheap matinee of "Rent".
I expected to cry, but I didn't expect to cry throughout the whole movie. My bit of rag was pretty wet by the time it was over, and I was totally drained. So to lighten up a bit, I watched this weekend's Battlestar Galactica and The West Wing from the TiVo.

The plan for tomorrow is to swim, then see "Brokeback Mountain" and go to my CoDA meeting. And I have definite plans for Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon and tentative plans for Wednesday and Friday.
Hm, I was just looking at the flyer for the Women on the Way Festival, and see that the Saturday set looks attractive.

I'm also going to see a counselor on Wednesday, to get an outside view of some of my internal stuff, and perhaps come up with some strategies for moving forward in a particular area where I'm bogged.

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