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I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK

It's been a busy week. I thought I'd over-exercised on top of doing the tree trimming, but it turns out my intestinal disorder turned up again, and my temperature was 101 degrees. So I went on a clear liquid diet for three days, took acetominophen for the fever, and mostly stayed on the ground. And am OK today.

I saw a number of performances, though.

I saw "The Mystery Plays" at the SF Playhouse, which was pretty good. Sin-eaters, hell-bound train, HP Lovecraft- all part of the first of these one-acts, tied (loosely) by a common character with a tale of familial murder and eventual forgiveness. The first was a bit better then the second, but both pretty good.

cloudwatcher and I had dinner and went to the Lamplighter's production of "Pirates of Penzance". That was a lot of fun, and highly recommended for a lightweight evening. I really was tired at at the end, but didn't realize I was ill.

Friday was "Odd By Nature", and evening of short bits by Sean Owens. I ran into Jeff, the ham who recognized me from ham radio stuff at a play in Berkeley, and we chatted for a bit. The show was pretty good, on the same level of humor as my friends. Lots of wordplay, and such. I was pretty run-down, but it was still fun.

Saturday I went to another bit of the "Women on the Way Festival" (after sleeping almost all day, and dressing very warmly). This was more of Chinese Clown Cabaret, which worked much better in full, although Jane Chen didn't show off her opera voice. The second part was "Eat Cake in the Bathroom", a sort of dream sequence with lots of aerial work, including bungee work. I wanted to see this particularly, since the had a blurb from Terry Sendgraff. I very much enjoyed both acts, and laughed a lot. By this time, I was feeling OK, and hadn't eaten for two days.

Sunday, I met FB, MR, athenais, and partner for "Emperor Norton- The Musical". It was fun, if not of the highest quality, and had a bit of good message. I went home, and watched BSG from the TiVo, wen to bed early, and woke up feeling really good.

I finished the tree trimming (well, I'd like to cut more, but think I've done enough and more wouldn't be good for the tree), and now have a yard full of tree limbs to get rid of. I can make 4-foot bundles, fill 30 gallon paper bags, and fill my green bin, but all of them are a lot of work, and my hands and forearms particularly are sore. The oak should have been trimmed a couple or three years ago, so it'll take another year to really get it back in shape. I only made one possible mistake in choosing what to cut, so feel pretty good about the job I did. And it sure opens up the back yard and the deck.

I also cleaned the bathroom to a degree that it's not been before, since that involved lying on the floor to clean under the claw foot tub all the way back to the wall, as well as sorting out the cabinet.
But that was satisfying, too. And without an organ transplant, too.

There's some interesting personal stuff happening this week, too, so I hope I'll feel like writing again, soon.

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