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It's been a long time since I wrote here, and much has happened: House guests twice,
lots of good music and theatre, getting emotionally whacked around Valentines Day, and deciding on and
arranging a trip to India and the UK. Also a temporarily vanished cat, who turned up after three days, but ill. She's fine now.

Best theatre: "Eyes of Babylon" written and performed by Jeff Key.
Also very good- "Best Ganesh", "Family Jewels: The Making of Veronica Klaus", "Zorro in Hell", and "Ice Breaker"
"Eyes..." is on tour, so it might come to your city eventually,
and "Family Jewels..." "Zorro..." and "Ice Breaker" are still running here.
"Perfect Ganesh" was a good preface to the India trip, too.

The best performance was "A Civil Rights Reader for Strings, Laptop & DJ" by Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) and San Francisco's Del Sol String Quartet along with DJ Scientific, turntablist. There's a video news clip about this concert here (I hope):

I'll be leaving here on April 12th, going to the Andaman Islands for ham radio and diving, then Chennai for a couple days, Lakshadweep (by boat) for more diving, Cochin and Delhi (including a day trip to Agra) for a few days each, and then to the UK on the 18th of May.
I'll be attending the UMRA ( BBQ, the Arthur Ransome Society AGM and the Nancy Blackett Trust AGM in the UK, but mostly hanging out in London until the 5th of June--although I'm thinking of a two-day trip to the NMM in Falmouth sometime in there.
I'll try to post from the trip, with photos.

Hm, one of the bits on R4 Pick Of Week had music by Tommy Sands, who played in my living room at the old house, when I produced a series of house concerts.

I've been working on the house, with the demolition for a new bathroom being the most fun. The small space (3 1/2' by 6') will work for a bathroom with walk-in bathtub with shower, low water use toilet, and at least a small lavatory sink. And I'll probably install a lavatory sink in the middle bedroom too, since I'll have the plumbing up and the wall open. I did some minor plumbing work, after the house guests had left, since I realized just how bad the flow had gotten to be in the current bathroom. The house is just 100 years old now, and I think that bit of plumbing is that old, too. But I've got better flow for a while, until it clogs again. Unfortunately, it's not unknown for that kind of clean out to make things worse, so a couple of times, it's taken several hours of work to get any flow at all back. If that happens before the new bath is in, then I'll have to run some pipe up the outside of the house and around the baseboards.

As I'm just getting over my RSI form the tree cutting, I've pulled a muscle in my back, so if I do the wrong movement, it hurts a lot.
The weather (record breaking rain) is a strong negative contribution to my mood. And 6 yellow roses and one orange was apparently enough to cause a cessation of communication. But I'm functional, and have theatre plans for this afternoon, tomorrow (yes, Monday), and Thursday.

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