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Panicked, but productive

I leave Wednesday, and am a bit panicked because the computer and radio equipment is
being unstable. I'm mostly packed, but the point is to use the computer with the radios.
I have Indian license VU3RYN now, to add to N6TQS, M0BPI, 3D2QS and VP8DIN, and lots of ex-callsigns.

I also realized that I had some theatre subscription tickets that I could actually use,
if I was willing to go to previews.
So, I saw "The Rivals" at ACT last night with FB- good enough, but not great;
and I saw "Small Tragedy" at Aurora tonight alone- VERY VERY good! Highly reccomended.
It was written in 2004 by Craig Lucas, who wrote the play "The Dying Gaul", and wrote the screenplay and directed
the movie of it. I strongly suggest this one.

I also saw a experimental play called "Frankie Done it 297 Ways", which was riffs on the songs about
Frankie shooting Johnny, and "Our Lady of 121st Street", both of which were pretty good in their own way.

I'll go over to wild_irises dropin on Sunday afternoon, if I'm not too panicked, and will see
"Glass Menagerie" at Berkeley Rep on Sunday evening.

On the bathroom project, I pulled out all four pieces of the old water supply pipe (two disconnected steel, and two
1/2" copper) and made sure I have two clear paths for 3/4" copper WS pipe. I also took a look at some of the
design of the DWV system (much more complicated than water supply) and feel pretty good how that'll work.
I pretty much know what major fixtures I want, but that's now on hold until I get back.

I took an online test for depression, and found that it thinks I'm more depressed than I think I am. Oh well.

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