Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Another day and nothing is happening

In spite of our hopes, there were no boats out today, neither for diving
nor for leaving the island. The NIAR people wish very much to get on
with their business, and Joe AA4NN is tired of being here with nothing
to do, so was planning on leaving today, also.
I can't rent a scooter, since there's no petrol available, just people's
private stocks, and there aren't many vehicles out, including few taxis.
And because of the heavy rain this morning, power was out for most of
the day. It let up in the afternoon, so I walked the 4 km to the jetty,
and then back. I swam a bit, but it wasn't very satisfying.

I'm undecided about sticking to my previous schedule, or working on
getting back to Chennai a bit earlier.
This is written at 17:45 local time on Friday.

Update at 22:00 local- ferry boats are running tomorrow, and since I claim to have no problem with seasickness, we can dive tomorrow.
I met Vinnie, the proprietor of Dive India, with whom I'd exchanged emails, and he seems like an interesting and interested fellow.
Some of our group moved into the governemnt run Dolphin Resort next door, and it seems like a good compromise between the "luxury" of this place, and the spartan accommodations at Emerald Gecko (in addition to being physically located between those two).
Dinner over there was just fine, with reasonable quality and prices.
So, there'll only be five of us left here tomorrow. I am feeling pretty isolated even now, with 11 of the group here, so I hope the dive group will fill in that a little.

Jose is going to get in touch with his brother-in-law, andother ham who lives in Kochin to provide me with some connections and hospitality there, so that'll be interesting. Jose is from Kerala, and his name is of Portuguese derivation.
I'll try to get this out tomorrow AM, local time.

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