Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt


I finally got to go diving here. It was a bit disappointing, since the
visibility is poor because of the rough water, and we had to stay close
in for the same reason. But it wasn't too bad, and I'll give it a
couple more days, although I may leave before the 2nd, to get to
mainland India sooner. It was pointed out to me that the Andamans have
no beggars-everyone is taken care of. It's been a good introduction,

The boat was what they call a "donghy", and was made by hand-hewing a
dugout, and then attaching hand-hewn planks to the sides, with ribs, to
build up more freeboard. It's got a single cylinder petrol engine in
the open driving the shaft directly. The boat crew was two locals, as
was the very friendly and competent divemaster, named Jonny. The other
assistant divemaster was Austrian, and two young Swedish women and an
Israeli man were the other customers.

Our radio group was four Germans (one originally from Croatia), two from
France, two from Italy, three from the US, and one Indian. There
aren't any other Americans in the three largest lodgings on Havelock, so
now that Joe has left I may be the only one on the island.

They ran two ferries today to catch up. A small freighter (25m)
capsized two days ago, close to where we were diving today, so the
warnings were not excessive, apparently. The crew were able to swim to
safety, though.

I am pleasantly tired right now, and will read until time to try to find
some dinner companions.

Written about 14:00 local, with Jami Sieber's cello on the MP3 player.

Later, Frank showed up and we've made an arrangment for dinner. We
talked about trying to do something to get more Indian hams on the air,
as well. I've donated an antenna to the Polytechnic College in Port
Blair, and there are two licensed hams there, but they'll have no radio
after a couple of weeks. Considering the amount of equipment that was
carried in and then back out, this is not good.

17:45 local, to the sound of the roaring fans in my room.

I've decided I will move to the bamboo huts, since there's now a deluxe model available, and my friends as well as a couple of other divers are staying there. It'll be only slightly less comfortable than here, too.

21:00 local

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