Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

May Day

Not a call for help, although today's dives were a bit stressful.
Only Vanessa and I were actually diving, so we went to The Wreck. 2 1/2 hours out, moderately rough seas, and 2 meter visibility, so it was not great. Then we came back, two hours of rough seas, to The Aquarium, where we found reasonable visibility, but a strong current, so all we could do was stick together, and hope we saw interesting things as they flashed past. Sticking together required work, too.
Very shortly after we came up, a rainstorm hit and lasted for the next one and a half hours while we went the required halfway around the island to the dive center. The problem is that the rain was much colder than the sea, so we arrived very cold and damp.

Then my laundry caught up with me, and I found a cat in my room. When I laid down, the cat jumped up on the bed, and when I allowed it under the mosquito netting, it promptly found the cat place on my legs, and went back to sleep. It even coped with the turning over part, just as my cats at home do.

I leave Havelock tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday), and Port Blair on Wednesday.

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