Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Last day in Kerala and on to Delhi

Sunday, 14 May, 21:00 here
Today I was pleased to find that the synagogue was open, after I walked
there, so got to see the famous tiles (or many of them). There are mats
down on much of the floor, and I didn't see any salacious ones. The
murals in the "Dutch Palace", now a museum, made up for that lack. I
should have written down the way the caption put it, but now I see what
can be done with four arms each. The district around there has many
shops, including bookshops, and I was sorely tempted, but resisted. I
may regret that.

I then rode the ferry for 2 1/2 rupees, first back to the Fort Kochi
stop, and then in to Ernakulum, where I wandered around a bit to get
oriented, had a reasonable fish biriani lunch, and caught the ferry back
to Fort Kochi. I drank 2 liters of water in 5 hours out.

I had just arrived back in my room when I was told I had a telephone
call at the desk. By the time I put my clothes back on, they'd rung
off, so in anticipation of a another call, I sat at the computer for an
hour. Seconds after I gotten back to the room, there was another knock
at the door, and it was two local amateurs, Sam VU3MME and Shaji VU3VUL,
who'd ridden 30 km two-up on a small motorcycle to see me (it was Sam
who'd called). We chatted for a while, and then had the obligatory
photo session, which took longer then usual, since Shaji is a
photographer by trade, and it had to be set up exactly right. They kept
telling me I have to see more of Kerala then just the tourist sights, so
I promised them I'd try to come back soon, and Shaji, especially, said
he'd show me the real Kerala. He extended that offer to any of my
friends, too, so ...
I do want to come back. I like this place, and do feel I've only
lightly touched here.

There was thunder in the distance, so they had to leave before the rain
started. A bit later I decided that going to Dolphin Point to the fish
market for dinner was a bit risky, so I opted for squid and vegetables
at the hotel. In fact, it started raining while I was eating. I had a
Kerala pancake, which I'd call a crepe, with coconut, cashews, and
raisins as fill, for dessert. And drank another liter of water.

So tomorrow I spend most of the day traveling to Delhi, and will try to
arrange a day trip to Agra for the Taj Mahal the next day. So far,
things have worked out pretty well, so I'm not too anxious.

I got to actually look at my LJ pages with a browser this afternoon, and
have no idea why the formatting changes between narrow and wide. I'm
letting the mail program do carriage returns (I think), so it all should
be consistent.

Monday, 10:50
I had no problems getting to the airport, although it's an hour drive,
even with minimal traffic, and with very nice weather, as I'm leaving.
And, I was spotted by one of the families with whom I'd shared my
Lakshadweep trip, so we had a snack and chat. They're on the same
flight, since it goes to Mumbai and then Delhi. They're from Pune, which seems to be relatively near Mumbai.

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