Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

London, first days

We arrived in Frankfurt a bit late, so I rushed to get to my connection, arriving at the gate at the scheduled boarding time- and waited.
We got off the ground late, and then circled near Heathrow for a while.
And my baggage didn't appear. "It's in Frankfurt, and will arrive on the afternoon flight". Since I was traveling light (but with everything necessary for overnight), I stopped by the ticket booth at Leicester Square and picked up a ticket for "My Name Is Rachel Corrie" that evening. I'd left 22 GBP on my Oyster card, so I didn't even have to do anything but "touch in" and "touch out". And found that not only did my hotel have the computer system for guests working, they allowed access to the wireless connection on your own machine (although the range is limited, so I have to be in the lounge, or on the front steps). My room is on the third floor, and they've added a shower in it since last time I was in this one.
The play was quite good, and had probably the youngest audience I've been in for a long time. Lots of pony tails.
And my luggage was at the hotel when I returned.

The next day, I caught up on some things, but was still tired. The play that night, Friday, was "Smaller", a fairly depressing story of an invalid mother and her two daughters, with Dawn French. Again, very good. Saturday, I went to Reading for the UMRA BBQ, and very nearly slept through the stop. It was good to see the faces of these people with whom I share a newsgroup, although attendance was low, due to a lot of illness.

Today`s excursion was aborted by finding that the train journey would involve a temporary "bus bridge". No thank you, I'll go next week. It was a day of rest, which meant I found an error in one of my railway bookings (correctable to the tune of 20 quid refund), and then booked another excursion, this one a bit further afield to the National Maritime Museum, Cornwall, in Falmouth. I'll stay overnight, since the rail connections aren't great, so will have plenty of time for the Museum, split over two days. I slept a lot and went to the vegetarian Indian buffet behind Euston for dinner.

I really like the long twilight here. It stopped raining during my early dinner, so I sat on the front steps for a while, with computer.

Tomorrow I visit a notary here to sign some papers to finally finish up my mothers estate in SC. Apparently, even an Indian Notary would have done, but I didn't get the papers in email and printed out until I got here.

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