Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

More London, mostly boring for you

I've seen "Embers", which was OK; "Donkey's Years", which was very good
of the type, a comedy with lots of comings, goings, and "don't open that
door"; and "Jane Eyre" which was truly wonderful. I've just read that
book for the first time in the last year, but thought that Polly Teale
brought a whole new perspective to the story. I picked up that play, as
well as two others by her from the bookshop here at the South Bank Center.

I was relieved that my camping gear appeared yesterday morning, with no
hassles, so my lodging for the TARS AGM is set. And that reminds me of
a thought I had- suppose Ransome had visited southern India- would we
have a S&A book set in Lakshadweep or in the Kerala backwaters?

I'm going to see two more plays today, and will probably include my
comments about them before this is posted. I went out to Acton to see
an exhibit about Tony Hancock's work, with a display of the set for his
famous skit, "The Radio Amateur". I was fortunate that it didn't start
raining until I was 50 yards from the National Theatre where I am now
waiting for a matinee.

I just saw "The Voysey Inheritance", which I'd missed at ACT due to
being in the South Atlantic. I was surprised at how relevant it is to
me and my life. No great revelations, but some interesting touches on
my state. Later questions to ponder- would I have seen the relevance a year ago? Would that have made a difference?

Two notes to self on coming to London:
Always check the National Theatre to see what they're doing- since they
often have things in rep, organizing things can be useful. Seeing
"...Rachel Corrie" two days before it closed was good, but I've missed a
few things at South Bank, too, over the years.
And don't buy a 7-day pass- Oyster card prepay is just as convenient,
and makes more sense for me- I walk a LOT, and take the bus often.

Next, in a bit over an hour is "Hayfever", another change of pace- A
Noel Coward comedy, with Judi Dench. Full price, too.

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