Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Ready to come home

It's Saturday morning, and I'm on another train, going to Ipswich for
the Nancy Blackett Trust AGM. NANCY BLACKETT was one of Ransome's
boats, possibly the one he liked the best, and is, under the pseudonym
GOBLIN, one of the major characters in what is possibly his best book,
_We Did't Mean To Go To Sea_. The NBT now owns and sails the boat.

I've seen "Blood Brothers", a tragic musical, which caused me to go back
and reread some bits in _Freakonomics_, since the premise is that twin
brothers are separated, one getting class advantage, and the other not.
It's a good play, but I hope knowledge of anti-depressants has advanced
since, since that's a factor in the story. This one has been running
for 20 years or so, and has held up well.

I also saw "Clever Dick", a comedy with Richard Feynman as the main
character. Funny and well done, I thought, although it annoys me way
too much that they got a sailor's uniform wrong.

Sunday afternoon- 4 June
I am SO ready to go home. I am pining for my bicycle, planning rides, and maybe the purchase of a new one. I want a more capable folder- I think the Brompton is no longer the best second bike for me, so I'll sell it, and get a Bike Friday.

The NBT AGM was fun, with good people, good weather, good food, good boats and good dreams. I got back to the hotel about 1AM.

Some last minute shopping this morning, with no useful bike maps found, but did find medium size jars of Branston Pickle, small chunk, good through fall of next year, for the same price as one jar at home (and that's the large chunk version).

I went to see an late afternoon performance at The Drill Hall, Deb Filler doing "Punch Me in the Stomache", her comedy skit about growing up as the daughter of Holocaust survivors. It was pretty good, and for the fourth time on this trip I was asked if I was Jewish.

I expect, and sincerely hope, this is the last post from this trip, since I'm scheduled on the 14:25 United flight from LHR to SFO tomorrow.

The only trip I have on my schedule for the rest of the year is to Anaheim for Worldcon, although I'll do some preparation for next trip, wherever it may be.

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