Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Back on the air and on LJ

In reverse order, but most effecting first: I just found out that Patrick Tull has died.
He was a friend, and now all the readings by him will have bring on a touch of melancholy. My icon is photo of me on the radio on the 1998 trip on "Rose" where I was partnered with Patrick (to our watch leader's dismay).

Another friend has found that he needs heart surgery- he's a bit older then me, but felt the first symptoms after a four mile run, and confirmed them after the same length run the next day.

I was planning on getting on the air for a big RTTY contest this weekend, but the sunspots aren't cooperating, and I'm trying to get a few things fixed, with no luck. A new CPU "fixed" the problem, with my rotator, but it still doesn't work as advertised; and I can NOT get my new bike to shift properly.


I did get to see four student plays being read in the "Science On Stage" series on Thursday at the Exploratorium, and was pleased by them. The subject was stem cell research, and there wasn't a lot of science in them, but they were all about people effected by the subject, and two of them were pretty funny. Next week is one play, "The Ruby Vector", but it doesn't sound funny.

Last night I saw a black and white, silent, live version of "Lulu" in SF, with a good meal before, in the Mission. It was well done, and i enjoyed it, but the audience was outnumbered by the 13 people in the acting company.

I'll probably go to another performance tonight, since the contest seems to be a loss. I don't know which show yet, but there are a few options.

I went to Montreal for the Farthing Party, and had a good time, seeing some people I already know, and a some that were new.
I do want to go back to Montreal, especially with my bike. "Farthing" is a good book, too.

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