Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Saturday night, theatre and video

I went to see "Colorado" at LaVal's, northside Berkeley. It was a very dark comedy, with echoes of Jon Benet, Columbine (which brought to mind Dawson College, etc.), and an understated Python moment in a play about a very dysfunctional family.
I recommend it; Thursday's are "pay what you wish", and it's also on Fridays and Saturdays until October 28th.

The playwright also wrote "Hunter-Gatherers", another dark comedy that FB and I saw in SF, in her Potrero Hill neighborhood a few weeks ago, and liked a lot, and LaVal's is an easy bike ride away.

And Patrick Obrian fans might like this video of Patrick Tull reading one of the most moving passages in the canon:
The knicker flash is that I'm the guy in the striped T-shirt at 6:08.

I also got by the Berkeley farmers market to pick up some dates for dessert when I feel like a sweet, and couldn't resist the soy salad, although I'll stock up on that, veggie pot pies and tamales at the Temescal farmers market tomorrow.
I've been getting all my food from local trees, the local bakery or farmers markets for a while now.

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