Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Life goes on

It's hard to comprehend that, for many people, it's just another day.
I didn't spend much time with Mike and Patrick, but now I won't ever get that chance.

I saw another good play on Sunday evening, "Big Love". It's got things to say about life choices, that are well known by most of the people close around me, but still need saying. It was quite well done, with LOTS of movement, including the three main characters throwing themselves at the floor (well padded) a lot. It's being done by foolsFury at the Traveling Jewish Theatre space in the basement of Project Artaud (I like the sound of that), for another month.

Summer's over- the sun now goes down behind the oak, it's cool even in the sun, and there aren't many vegetables at the farmers market. Lots of fruits, but they go bad quickly. I'll have to go to what Jon Carroll describes as "the Bowl place in another city entirely, where cars circle endlessly looking for parking places as their drivers use up fossil fuels in order to buy organic beets." I don't do the cars thing since it's a reasonable walk and an easy bike ride from here, but I do see it happen.

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