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Doug Faunt's Journal
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Sunday, November 6th, 2005

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Plumbing can be fun
I helped FB get a large TV to a friend of hers in Berkeley, from SF,
and when sitting after, the friend commented that she had no kitchen sink, since her
plumber had been flaky. I said I knew something about plumbing, so after admiring
her choice of sink and being a bit less effusive about the faucet she'd been
forced to get because of space limitations, ended up installing the faucet and
drains. She had to go to the hardware store once to get a couple of connecting
pipes and a hacksaw, but in a couple of hours, I had everything hooked up, the disposer
working and even the hot and cold on the correct sides. No leaks, either.
It was VERY satisfying.

I'd just been taking a look at my 16 year old hot water heater, regarding future lifetime
and energy efficiency, so plumbing was in my head, to our mutual pleasure.

My hot water heater actually looks pretty good, and will probably continue to be good for a number of years, if I can find a set of replacement anodes. Sears says the parts aren't available from them, but I'm pretty sure they're bog-standard parts (if I can find a source).
If that proves to be impossible, at least I know what to look for when I must buy a replacement when it fails, and I have a plan for living for a week or so without plumbed hot water.

Current Mood: accomplished

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