December 27th, 2005

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Post-Christmas post

So, today I realized that, for the first time in a long time at this time of year, my back has not gone out on me. It isn't even sore.

And LP ceded Cat Allegory to me, although I think I'm just the staff for Cat Shackleton, her true owner, in this instance. I'm really sorry that that's the way it's turned out. Shackleton has been diligent in cheering me up, though. This involves requiring me to pet him, chase him, and provide a lap for him.

I had dim-sum with FB and cronies Christmas morning, and then came home, listened to the radio, and cried a lot. It was a good thing, in fact. I've been meditating a lot, if not well.

Freecycling has been good to me- I got rid of an enormous stack of padded envelopes. I hate them, because they're composite, so apparently recycling other than reuse is difficult. And I, like many of you, receive a lot of books and like stuff in them.

I'm not going to do the whole 4 answers to 8 questions thing, but do notice that many of my friends have London as a place they'd like to be. It's certainly on my list, along with Navassa Island, Port Blair, Marion Island, Tristan da Cunha, Canton Island, and Tokelau. Or at sea on a sailing ship.

I've got some peace in my heart and life right now, and hope I can maintain it.
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