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Doug Faunt's Journal
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Thursday, January 12th, 2006

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Another death of a friend
This one was Phil Elwood, jazz expert and teacher, who had a program
at KPFA until the attempted corporatization. I was his engineer for that
program for a number of years, and learned a lot from him. I ran into him a few times after
and was always glad to see him, and now there's another one who I won't see again.

Current Mood: accepting
Full moon and radio
This evening I went to The Marsh in Berkeley to see "Walkin' Talkin Bill Hawkins... In Search of My Father". It was very good, if you like the one-person autobiograhical shows that the Marsh seems to have tendency to put on. And I do. The title character was one of the early Black DJ's, and the son didn't know who he was until the son was grown and the father was dead.

And on the walk there and back, the moon was full. And on the walk back, Bonnie Simmons had dedicated her show on KPFA to Phil Elwood, and now Dirk Richardson is doing the same. It appears there'll be a full blown tribute on the air Saturday afternoon, so I'll be there for that.
I'm crying and it feels good.

Current Mood: good and sad

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