November 20th, 2006

on NB

Busy, in a grey world

I highly recommend "Convenience" at the New Conservatory Theatre- it's a musical(!) about family relationships, that really worked.

"Flora, the Red Menace"  at 42nd Street Moon was another musical- pretty good, well done and fun.

A dance performance including work by my former next door neighbors, Cid Pearlman and David King, was good in itself, and there were a number of friends there, too.   I suspect that someone can comment about where it's going to be performed in the future (unless I'm confused and this was the end of the tour).

And I'll be going to see Judith Owen & Harry Shearer's Holiday Sing-A-Long on Friday (at the GAMH, for you Bay Area readers).
I know his work from "Le Show" on the radio, but he seems to have done a number of other things
of which I was unaware.  There was an interview on KPFA this morning, so I booked for Friday,
and then just now, I was catching up on the "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" podcast, and there he was again.

"Passing Strange" at Berkeley Rep still stands out, and "Ice Glen" at Aurora was well done, but didn't say much to me.
And "Jukebox Stories" still holds up in my mind.
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