January 7th, 2008

on NB

Heavy work done

So, sleep, ThroatCoat tea, and Fishermans Friends got me through the cold, mostly.

I loaded and dumped 1200 pounds of concrete "patties", and excess clay and dirt today, so
the yard looks a bit cleaner, but I'm pretty tired.

Last night, one of the local radio shows had composer Carl Stone on. He names his compositions after restaurants, so I heard "Flint's" and "Mom's". Many of us know the former.

My neighbor drives a 1963 Valiant, and it's now got a big hole in the block of it's 5th engine, so she's getting another one installed. The body has 500,000 miles on it, she says. Looking under the hood was like going home- I've driven a '62 and a '65 Valiant and a '64 Barracuda, all which had exactly the same engine compartment, in which I spent many hours. It was amazingly simple.

More rain tomorrow, probably. I'll go to the circus in the evening.
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