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Doug Faunt's Journal
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Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Time Event
Polling in CA,
It's busy, way too many people don't get some of the process, and
we have a LOT of separate kinds of ballots, I'll count them later.

We have 5 poll workers, but the Inspector's father died yesterday,
after a stoke on Saturday, so she's not very together.

Breaks over.
More later

Current Mood: Frantic
Voter numbers, random
The precinct I worked:
287 ballots in the scanner, 103 vote by mail, 52 provisional ballots.
182 Obama, 67 Clinton from the scanner.
Only three or four didn't vote in the presidential primary, although we had one Green write-in for Obama, and one Democratic write-in for Guiliani.
We had 700 Demo, 200 "declined to state (non-partisan)", 100 Republican, and 50 Green ballots (English) in our supplies, and 46 different kinds of ballots (three languages, regular and provisional, 7 parties, and 2 NP with Demo and AIP primaries).
I'd say upper middle class Oakland, mostly white.
We had to stay open an extra hour, until 9PM, since there was some kind of court order.
So, we reported at 6AM, set up everything in an hour, keep the pools open until 9PM, and then it took us something over an hour to get everything accounted for and packed.
Nobody used the touchscreen.
The longest line (probably a dozen) was first thing in the morning, partly because the first two people in line were problems who wouldn't go away.

I got one break during the whole time, since our Inspector was more than a little out of it.
I be a tired kitty.

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