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Doug Faunt's Journal
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Friday, December 26th, 2008

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I woke up yesterday morning feeling pretty bad, with what has turned into a streaming cold.
I slept a lot, finished the Agatha Christie "Tuppence and Tommy" books, and annoyed the cats a lot by sneezing. They love it that I'm in bed a lot, but they streak away when I sneeze.

I had two plans for Christmas, and the weather actually was right for the primary- a long motorcycle ride- but neither was appropriate for my state.

And today will just involve a quick library visit (with face mask). But at least my local coffee shop is open today.

Current Mood: sick
Arabian Nights, Berkeley Rep NYE
Are any of my friends interested in one or two prime seats for NYE, 7PM, at Berkeley Rep?
They're aisle seats, row F, Thrust Stage. One is free, two is the price of one (I'll go at a different time, after I'm no longer contagious).
Oh, http://www.berkeleyrep.org/season/0809/2878.asp

Current Mood: bored
Misery and overnight stays, incomplete.
The thermometer shows 101.5 F. I do have some acetaminophen that was in a sealed container and has 6 months more until expiration.

I think that means it's flu, and I'm basically prepared for that.

No wonder I don't want to get out the maps to do the "stay overnight" meme from pnh for my Balkan and Alps rides. Most of those one-nighters are missing from the list.
London *,
Falmouth ,
Ljubljana *,
Belgrade *,
Vitonovac *,
Port Townsend,
Port Alberni,
San Diego,
San Pedro,

And a number of nights offshore of western North America.

Current Mood: bored

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