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Doug Faunt's Journal
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Saturday, July 11th, 2009

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Doing stuff- theatre and motorcycle ride
I took a bit of a ride the other day, going 150 miles in 5 hours, with a destination 3 miles from home. It was mostly a GPS fam ride, to see how using that for directions worked, so I only took one photo:


I ended up at "Private Lives" at California Shakespeare Theatre outside Orinda- Noel Coward in an amphitheatre is a little wierd, but they did a good job.

Thursday I tried the Mission Street Food experience, which worked well. Lots of seafood and chatting with some strangers at the same table was fun. http://blog.missionstreetfood.com/2009/07/thursday-july-9-sunbeam-foundation-and.html

And then went to a new venue for me, The Royce Gallery, for "No Exit" and "Tape". Both plays were good, but for the second one, only three of us stayed- so there were three actors, three staff, and three of us.

There's also Laborfest going on in SF, on the 75th anniversary of the SF General Strike, so I did a labor history bike ride on Sunday (and the leader mentioned NIANTIC, which brought back lots of memories of the corner of Sansome and Clay). And went to the Roxie last night for a film about the shipbreakers in Bangladesh. I again had a Mission burrito, http://www.newyorker.com/fact/content/?030120fa_fact

Tomorrow I'll head for Point Reyes and Bolinas, since KPH and KSM will be on the air, and I'll look at real radio ops in action. http://www.radiomarine.org/ - a real nerd outing.
Sigh, I'll probably break down and have a Hangtown fry in Point Reyes Station.

I really need a motorcycle icon.

Current Mood: cheerful

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