October 12th, 2009


Getting ready to leave

We are departing tomorrow, and will probably spend a month getting to Puerto Rico. We're all laying in supplies- I've got bread in the freezer and cans of baked beans under my bunk for late night meals on the 12-4 watch. I'm hoping to find some good cheese and chocolate today, since it's too wet to hire scooters and ride around.
I had another meal at the "Fish Market" restaurant (Portuguese translation later), and it was much more fulfilling- limpets and soft cheese for starters, and grilled rockfish for main.
And we went to some of the volcanic tourist spots here, as well as a tea factory. The tea factory was almost a steampunk dream, with much 19th century machinery, although the main power sources were some early 20th century electric motors, driving jack shafts. Much work is till done by hand, though.
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It's the leavin' of Porto Delgada.... (doesn't scan, does it?)

but not much. I'm ready to be at sea again, as are most of us, to some degree.
We'll advance the clocks 1 hour as soon as we take in our lines tomorrow, 9AM local (and GMT).
I'll have bacalhau for dinner tonight at the same restaurant ("Mercado do Peixe"), and I have a 9 kilo wheel of cheese to eat and share on the trip across. We tasted several and this one was a clear winner.

They quote fuel prices here in cubic meters, which is the same as a kiloliter. We took on 4.
I was sorry to hear of the death of a friend.