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Doug Faunt's Journal
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Thursday, December 17th, 2009

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It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
Back when I was very young, I saw a yacht named RARA AVIS in a sailing magazine (she was new then), and fell in love with her.
That went on the back-burner for many years, but I was recently reminded of it, and decided to see what I found. Well, I found that she's still around, and is sailing under the auspices of the Association des Amis de Jeudi-Dimanche, http://www.bel-espoir.com/index.html. She'll be making a trans-Atlantic passage next week (pretty late in the year), heading for Martinique, and will be sailing from there for the winter. I've now booked a short trip in February, Martinique to St Martin, (not Montserrat) and back.

In fact, her organization's sister ship was tied up next to BOUNTY at one point and my sailors say the crew was very friendly and nice, so I expect to have a good time, and pick up a bit more sea-time.
Most of the information is in French, but Google translate has been very good.

(that's amusing, "Google" is not known by LJ's spell-checker).

edited to correct the destination

Current Mood: pleased

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