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Doug Faunt's Journal
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Saturday, April 9th, 2011

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feh, Bermuda and a motorboat ride
Originally sent yesterday, glitch in setup.
It's less clear we'll stop in Bermuda.

01' N 066d 46'W and the winds are not being good.
The current outlook is a stop in Bermuda to top off the fuel and a motorboat ride after that. Not fun.

OTOH, if we get a day in Bermuda, I can try to find more information about my ancestor, the Landgrave Edmund Bellinger, reputed to have been a captain of a ship named BLAKE and a privateer out of Bermuda, before he went to Carolina.

It's two hours before watch, and I can't sleep, so....
2nd day at sea
Originally sent 4 april
We had the midnight to 4 AM watch last night and saw the Southern Cross low in the sky directly astern for a while, until we sunk it until November.
It's already a bit cooler (good thing, the airconditioning isn't working).

We have 42 days to make 4200 nm, so 4 knots is pretty much our minimum average.
I'm afraid that means a lot of motorsailing.

I'm going to bed now.
at sea, finally, again.
Originally sent on 6 April-

We cast off from San Juan early yesterday, under power, thanks to the cruise ship that came in and blocked our wind. Those things are so big they privide a lee for a good distance downwind of them. This can be useful- we used to use this on ALMA to take in sail when the wind was high in the summer afternoons in SF Bay.

We're headed north, full and by, under fore topsail and course, main topgallant, topsail and course, spanker, jib, and several staysails, close hauled on the starboard tack at about 4 knots.
We're trying to get north to catch the trade winds and get as far east as is possible given the wind direction. Right now, that's probably nothing.
We're at 19 degeres 30.5' N, 066 degrees 13.5' W. I'll be leaving out "degrees" in the future, though.

I'm on the 12-4 watch and will be until we dog the watches in about a week.
The cook and several others were seasick, but a bit of rest has helped them get accustomed to the boat's movement.

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