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Doug Faunt's Journal
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Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Time Event
Still headed for Madeira
0209Z 16 Oct 39:11.4N 014;47.2W
Jupiter is only second to the moon in dominating the night sky. I stood the 0000-0400 watch in T-shirt and jeans, although I was the only one on my watch so lightly clad.

The maintop yard is very nearly ready, requiring only the ironwork added.
It's the 4th largest yard on the ship, about 10 inches diameter at the widest, tapering to 3.8 or so at the ends, and is 43 feet long.

One of my windlass projects is complete, and may be used to hoist the yard. And I may have the other one done, too, tomorrow. After that, the fog signal project.

It looks as if we may have to anchor out at Funchal- a bit annoying, but we'll get three days, with one watch having the boat each day. I wish we could go alongside and try to make some money (as well as being better for the crew), but the economics seem to be against that.

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