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Doug Faunt's Journal
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Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Time Event
foretop yarad croswsed, sail on it now.
10:27Z 18 October 35:45.76N 015:24.93W S by W at 5.2 knots under sail.
We crossed the foretop yard yesterday, and this morning we almost completed bending the sail on. Just a few more robands to go.
more sails set!!!
15:00Z 18 Oct 35:17N 015:24W 4.3 knots SW to Madeira
We set the fore topsail and t'gallant this afternoon. and then proceeded to rig an improvised square sail below the crojack yard, which we are calling the "hawkjack" in honor of our resident predator (although there's less of evidence of it today).
I wore shorts on deck today, prematurely, as it turned out. It's a bit cooler than I was expecting.

Nothing I post here should be taken as having any more truth then anything else on the internet. And, remember, on BOUNTY, "all plans are written in water".
We just passed the Unicorn and Dragon Banks
0000Z 19 October 90 NM NNE of Porto Santo, 5.3 knots STW (speed through the water).
The moon rose, a bit over half-full. We expect to be in Funchal Thursday morning, unless the wind dies.

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