October 30th, 2011

on NB

rolling home

10:30Z 30 Oct about 23N 023W
The wind is on our starboard quarter as we head west for home. We're sailing at 4 to 5 knots consistently, so 100 mile days are expected.
The wind is far enough aft, and there are some seas, so we really are rolling home.

The bad drill press turned out to be bad outlets in bosun's, which turned out to be a bad piece of wire- quite unusual, actually.

We have no good tool for pulling electrical staples, so it's a struggle in this environment. My spike is one of the most useful tools for that. I have the rather effete Myerchin spike, slighty modified, but it's still useful even on a boat of this size with traditional rigging. But it's useless as a hammer, unlike some of the other spikes people have.

So, how come a staple can be basic supplies i.e. flour,salt, etc.; or a U-shaped object pounded or pushed into a cellulose object i.e. paper staple, fence staple, electrical staple. And let's not forget the pun in the name of "Staples", the office supply store.

And, since we can't find our dictionary, what's the dictionary definition of "osmosis"?

Answers can be sent to tsimonin@tallshipbounty.org and she can forward them as appropriate.