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Doug Faunt's Journal
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Monday, November 14th, 2011

Time Event
another Sunday, ship time
1700Z (1600 ship time zone, until tonight) 14 Nov (ship's Sunday) 6 knots, motorsailing, ordered course WxN1/4N (this is for the steering compass, deviation and variation would have to calculated out to get our true heading, and then we'd have to take into account currents and leeway for our true course).

The fore topgallant yard was crossed yesterday, but since it's a "Sunday", the sail won't be bent on until tomorrow. It looks good up there, though.

We've caught three fair-sized mahi today, so will have some, probably just as snacks.
Lunch was leftovers, as is usual for Sunday, Some of them have been around for a while, and aren't getting any more appetizing with age.

Apparently there's been comment about my sponge baths- I grab a #10 can of water, use Dr. Bronners soap diluted out of a foaming dispenser, with a nice sponge I picked up in England, and can get a reasonable bathe with very little water usage, without taking a shower. I do use a shower stall, so the runoff doesn't end up in someone else's living space, and I'm in an enclosed space so when the boat rolls, i have something to lean against.
That means I can do this after every watch, which makes my uncooled and poorly ventilated cabin is tolerable.

My watch will have the 8-12 after we dog tonight (tonight, with the modified dogging schedule, we'll be on from 2200 to 0100 (all three watches will be "curtailed" this evening), at which time the clock will change to 0000, and we'll be relieved.

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