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Doug Faunt's Journal
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Monday, March 5th, 2012

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Well, that was a nice like 4.0 (apparently) earthquake, just a few miles north of here.  It woke me up and disturbed the cat.  A bit of stress relief on the Heyward Fault.
More people will be interested in emergency response now.  I'm a few days ahead of them.

Current Mood: sleepy
ISS on the radio
I'm listening to a ham radio transmission from the ISS.  They're making a school contact into San Jose.

I have now had my teeth cleaned under my Medicare coverage.  I called this morning and they had a cancellation.- it's useful to be two blocks from the office.

Current Mood: pleased
Tall ships and Ocean Film Festival
I was talking to the dentist about what I do, and told him, and I'll tell you all- HAWAIIAN CHIEFTAIN and LADY WASHINGTON are in the Bay area still- Redwood City for a couple of days, San Francisco for a couple of weeks and Sausalito after that.

Also, the SF Ocean Film Festival is starting tomorrow for 4 days.  I just finished reading Shipbreaker which brought to mind a film i saw at a previous Festival about the actual shipbreaking that takes place in Bangladesh.
Most of the films are wildlife films, but there's one that seems to be about marine archeology, and I'll make an effort to get to it.
ISS, again, from APOD
Flying Over the Earth at Night -photography from the International Space Station on Astronomy Picture Of the Day.

BTW, I'm trying to post to LJ more, and trust it gets crossposted to FB.

Current Mood: busy

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