August 9th, 2012

on NB

too complicated!!

Life at home is too complicated.  Some of this is that I need to do a lot of things in a short time, but I have too many paths.

On the boat, life is simple-  watches or tours, and the projects are well-bounded (even if I do tend to take them further then necessary, if it's appropriate).

I'm not even unpacked yet and I've only gone through a part of the mail.  Some of that mail had deadlines that are long gone (at least the DMV date was only a week ago).  And I need to start getting things together for my next trip.
And I'm still jet-lagged.  It took 24 hours to get home, from the time I got off the boat before it's 06:00 departure to arriving home at 0-dark-hundred, just due to connections and delayed flights.

And I'm not taking care of myself-  I need to stretch and even exercise more.  Even though working on the boat is hard work, it's not anything like balanced exercise.

So, now I keep going, at least until tomorrow.  And I'm working on a major fix for some of this.
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on NB

Unpack and repack

I've gotten mostly unpacked (some stuff isn't stowed yet), but am already starting the repacking process.  I've alos had one dinner at Pancho Villa and another at Zachary's, so two more things done.  And I'm awake at 21:30, so maybe I'll get some theatre in in the next week.
I went for a short motorcycle ride and haven't forgotten how (I last rode in April).  I was comfortable on the bike at speed and in street traffic, so that's one concern laid to rest.  Maybe some twisties soon.
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