June 28th, 2014

on NB

Lomg silence, now broken

I've not been posting here on LJ, since I am mostly doing Facebook directly.
But new news- I'm going to be the engineer on the the schooner MYSTIC, doing the OHP programs until OLIVER HAZARD PERRY is ready, so will be sailing around New England, in and out of Newport for several months.
I'd come here to work on the rigging crew, but when MYSTIC was hired, many of the systems were not working well, and since the Chief Mate is and old shipmate, he suggested that I come see what I could do.  I was quite successful at that, so when the setup for hiring an engineer  for the boat fell through, I was offered the job I wanted but didn't feel fully qualified for.   They knew my short-comings (I have no experience with Diesel engines), but felt, as do I, that I can pick up that part, and know everything else pretty well.  The crew likes me (I'm one of them, a tall-ship sailor), the CM and cook are old shipmates, and the captain thinks I'm a wizard.
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