September 27th, 2014

on NB

OLIVER HAZARD PERRY mast stepping, and my life.

So, we're building a ship.  This article is a good one, with lots of photos from the mast stepping on Wednesday.  I was working with the rigging crew that day,

And the next day, I found a problem with the way our nav lights were wired (the drawings were wrong), and started the process of correcting it.  I really feel that I'm contributing, although up to now it's been mostly collecting information and passing it in useful directions.  I'm a tall-ship sailor with an engineering background and skills, so that's where I fit.
I looks as if I'm in it for the long run.  I'm living in Perry's last residence in Newport, which is also the OHPRI headquarters.  It'll be a while before we can move on to the boat, but I'm going to be looking at facilitating that.  In addition to being in charge of all fluids on the boat (including coffee, apparently), I also am the electrical wizard, so....
But I have to get home and get some wamer clothes, and some tools and equipment.  And I need to make a quick trip to the UK for my Arthur Ransome Society obligations.   I really want teleportation booths.

This is the second weekend I've been in New York or environs, but Boston is MUCH more convenient.   However, I just couldn't pass up the the opportunity to see the Caravan Stage Company, who do a play/performance on a boat.  Here's a link to an article about that:

Oh, yesd, I've signed up for ello as n6tqs.  I'll not be abandoning anything else, though.
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