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Doug Faunt's Journal
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Friday, October 10th, 2014

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"an engineer is a man who can do for five shillings what any fool can do for a pound."- Nevil Shute
But you have to convince them that the 5 shillings solution will work.
And when you're talking about lightning protection, it's fuzzy enough that you're just changng the probabilities, in any case.
We're still waitimg for some more opinions about #4 vs #1/0 wire.  The difference is about $1000, $1300 vs $2300.
I've got the basics down, it's just that one detail- I've even got parts specified for both cases.
Now the human factors come into it.

And a decison was made, while I was watching, but didn't know enough to catch the ramifications for the operating people,
that I now see was wrong- not spectacularly, but annoyingly.  I did not participate in the decison, because of my lack of knowledge
a the time, but....  And it turns out is against the National Electric Code, shoreside, but is apparently allowed on the boat.

But most of the time I'm able to see the right way, and cause that to happen.  I can talk to the craft people, and the designers, and bring my knowledge
and experience as a tall-ship sailor to the job.
There's little better in life than creating something that will enhance others lives, particularly the young ones.
I'm lucky enough to have done that before, and am doing it now.
I am SO LUCKY!!!

Current Mood: Satisified, if a bit lonely

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