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Get my head out of the attic

I've had my head down in the attic, putting together the Z-90 panoramic display kit-
it's done, and works in a test setup, but I seem to have a problem with the connection
to the radio. Ah, well. I'll work on that tomorrow.  Once I get it done, I expect to bash it into a lightweight version- the case on this as shipped is very sturdy, for which read heavy.
I've always been interested in small, lighweight radios, even when the common one weighed 70 pounds.  Now, I'm working with surface-mount components- 6 by 12 or 5 by 8 hundredths of an inch.  Magnifiers and tweezers are required, and I have a stereo microscope ready for the even smaller parts.  

I've seen some great theatre lately- Passing Strange at Berkeley Rep was very good, and appropriate, in the end.
FB was going to go with me, but had to fly back to Chicago to see her father, who may not survive this illness, so
I went with mutual friend, and were talking about such things, then the play went there, too.

Impact Theatre, is doing Jukebox Stories at LaVal's basement in northside Berkeley for
another 6 weeks.  I strongly suggest the theatre, not the pizza.  The show's content is determined partly at random, by drawing,
so each show should be different.  The one I saw was very good, and I'm really tempted to go back for another version.


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