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Dark and gloomy

The antenna project for N8S is working out, mostly.
I asked a friend for a favor so it looks as if my pair of lower-band antennas will work out.
And I have a couple of viable options for the higher frequencies, even if the most interesting and probably most effective solution doesn't come through. If anyone wants REALLY geeky details on this, ask.

I decided to go see "The Birthday Party", but fell asleep during the first act, so came back home to sleep in a bed. I've also got some evidence of a cold coming on, so I'll stay close to home for a few days. I've got two movies, "The Glass Bottom Boat" and "Contact", coming from the library (guess the connection!), and a big radio contest this weekend (I've only committed to 12 hours of operation, out of 30 for single-op and 48 for the entire contest), so have just enough to do this weekend without going out.

Jury duty turned into "check a web site, twice" to find that they don't want me, either.

And the walk-in tub people bugged me again, so I let a salesman come over and answer some questions, all positively. The plan for the new bathroom looks as if it'll work, but it's going to take a while to get there. It's a bit expensive, but it'll be useful and fun even for a capable me.

My post-VU7RG to-do list is getting very short, and that helps.

The ferry schedule between Apia and Pago Pago doesn't get set until the beginning of the month, so I can't actually book that yet, but I have a few days to make that connection, so I'm not real worried. Since I'll be sleeping on decks for several other legs of the trip anyway, I'll be prepared for that experience on this leg, too.
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