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Moving along

So, I've not been to the theatre much since I got back, and am not going tonight because Valentine's Day is a good day to stay home, and then I'm presenting a program on VU7RG at the REXDA tomorrow. But it's OK. Maybe Friday.

I'm still waking up very early, since we've had enough rain to slow my phase rotation.
And getting a cold didn't help.

I've got a new Palm to use for ebooks, and have downloaded a bunch of RL Stevenson and Jack London, since my next trip is Samoa, etc. I also have a paperback copy of "Camouflage" for a more recent literary connection. Arundhati Roy and Salman Rushdie provided the connections for VU7. Neville Shute has been the connection for several places, as diverse as the Beaulieu River, Christmas Island and Fiji.

The antenna situation is coming together- the higher band vertical arrays are in the works, after MUCH persistence. I took a lesson from the turtle hatchlings on Kadmat, and just kept going. I think I made a dozen 'phone calls, or maybe more. I've got some good quality lightweight coax cable to feed the antennas, too. I've also got TWO sets of other high band antennas for traveling.

I'm pretty comfortable with the plans for the low band (10 and 7 MHz) antennas, since the elements for them will work stand-alone, and getting the loaner parts to make them into arrays is out of my hands, but in good ones.

And I'm doing all the obnoxious paperwork things I hate. My 2006 taxes will still be pending into the summer, but everything else should be done by the end of March.

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