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Technology babbling

I still like the Palm as an ebook reader; and finding all of the short fiction, and three of the novel, Hugo nominees available free on-line hasn't hurt. But it has been a hassle to get all of those in and readable (although I'm not sure the PDFs are actually useful, since the Adobe PDF reader gives a much smaller useable screen).

The only problem so far, that I can't fix, is that reading is impossible in bright sunlight.

OTOH, I've more than 100 books available on a Palm that fits into a pocket easily.
It makes the "to be read" stack much shorter.

I'm still tired from traveling so much in the first part of the year, and August/September is going to be busy, too. The Florida trip, for an underwater archeology course, is mostly sorted, and the fundamentals of the WorldCon/Japan trip are in hand.

And I'm starting to be able to do useful things around the house.

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