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New Years Resolution

I've decided I'll try to post something regularly, no matter what.

There's been some contact with my Oregon cousins about trying a bit of DNA analysis for genealogy, particularly since my surname is pretty unusual.  Some connections have been made even before we do the testing, but I think it'll be interesting. 
But I was very saddened to learn that my uncle died just over two years ago and I never got the word.   I know I'm bad about keeping in touch, but this points up the problem.

I'm still working on revamping the antenna system, and am now painting all the many elements to make them a bit less obvious.

I saw "Man And Superman" at CalShakes last week, and liked it a lot.  As staged, it's got a LOT of words, which I like.  The only thing I could really fault is that the actress who played Ann is too obviously old for the role.

The other interesting play which I saw in SF, but is now at The Ashby Stage in Berkeley is "Anna Bella Eema".  Very good, with three women who never leave their chairs, but move in those chairs, and never actually look at each other.

I saw several pieces that Mike Daisey did at Berkley Rep this year, and want to see more.

But tonight is a quiet and grey evening.

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