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It's a grey gloomy day, and I didn't much want to get out of bed- and then wanted to go back once I did get up.

I see that BBC7 is celebrating Heinlein's centenary.  I've not listened to any of the productions yet, though.
I have been listening to a lot of the Stoppard celebration from R3, R4, and BBC7.

Assembling the antennas is easy, painting them so they'll have less visual impact is taking a lot of time, though.
I have to go find some satin finish paint for plastic, since the new antenna has eight 17+ feet-long fiberglass tubes.
Dull grey, broken up by some other shades in blotches, will be much less obtrusive than the dark green they are now.

I'm going to the Crucible Fire Arts Festival tomorrow.  There's an actual production, as well as the ongoing "midway", so I'll take a backpack and a cable lock to save a place for me in the bleachers while I wander.  Maybe it'll work.  I hope it doesn't rain, although if there is rain, it'll minimize the crowd a bit.

I have six pages of forms to fill out to be able to claim the equipment we shipped back from Pago Pago.  AAARRRGGGHHHH

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