Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

More PAST Foundation Field School

We got some problems ironed out, and the daily log pages from the 1st are now available.
There are a number of shots of my balding head in them.

I've had two pretty good seafood meals now, all local Florida catch and fresh, but I think that cold water seafood is better than warm.
OTOH, Cuban and local "Matecumbe" preparations are very good. In consideration of student budgets and time spent eating,
we're mostly eating in the dorm here.

I've gotten a better feeling about the Keys now. Note this article about the dive operators from my previous trip-
We were here in February 2001, just before the judgment.

The rest of the students here have Facebook accounts, apparently, not LJ, so they probably won't see this.
And at least some of them were still partying at 4 this morning.
It's different.

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