Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Birthday, plus

I spent my birthday trying to get a handle on shipping 900 pounds of radio gear from the Swains Island trip to its further destinations in Washington and Massachusetts.  As of this morning, the path is clear, with the hard part being the necessary repackaging of an antenna into a box almost 7 feet long and a foot square.

Sunday I went to see Word For Word's production of Angel Face.  It's a staging of a Cornell Woolrich story, billed as "noir", but I don't think it was very much that.  It was well done, but I've got to agree with Hurwitt's review,, that said it'd work better in a smaller space.  I didn't notice it at the time, but....   Laura Lowry was superb as Jerry Wheeler, the Angel Face of the title, and the rest of the cast was very good.

I'm still unpacking from the PAST Foundation trip, and packing for the Japan WorldCon trip, simultaneously.
In addition, the house is a tip, and I'm trying to get enough done so I won't blanche when I get back home.  I've already apologized to my cat sitter for the state of the kitchen- I'd not realized how bad it was when I left, and it didn't get any better in my absence.

The Magic Theatre is doing a very interesting show in September, too.  Space and trapezes make it just my cup of tea (and the prospect of dinner at Green's before doesn't hurt).

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